About Us

Why we started Whispering Dragons.

Since getting into business, Whispering Dragons LLC was the third company the late founder Jacob Lanthier had launched. His first two were video game development focused, where they had a lot of fun working within the industry. Sadly, it does cost a fortune to keep a game studio running and moving forward. Interestingly enough, it was about midway through Jacob’s second experience with running a business when he found a way to create a steady revenue stream for the game studio: through IT services, providing for consumers and business to business companies. Whispering Dragons stumbled upon this opportunity by securing their first major client over a very long weekend. It was during New Years, and this company was shut down full across the nation. Jacob, his partner Daniel, and another business partner at the time, spent three days working tirelessly around the clock, running on little sleep, helping their company get back up and running by the first of the year. If they hadn’t been able to accomplish the task, their business would have closed their doors for good. This is when the team saw the potential they had and knew they had to offer our services to business owners who needed a reliable IT consulting services. A few months later, Jacob and Daniel founded Whispering Dragons in order to provide that kind of service to all of their clients.


How Whispering Dragons got its name

The part Dragon is about fond memories for us. It is a way to remember during the worst of times to hold on to the happy moments, as those are the parts that will get you through any hard times you must endure. Whispering is a ploy on the owner, as he is said to be soft spoken – so it was a fun way to play off of that. As for the “S”, it is the most important part of the name. It represents the true meaning behind the business. As Whispering Dragons is not driven for any other reason than the community – the “S” represents the people we grow with, whether it be the clients or the community itself. We love watching our staff, clients, community, and world grow within our network since starting Whispering Dragons.

Why we created a business built off of support.

While Jacob was growing up, he use to help his grandfather when he was out working as an Electrician and Plumber. During that time, Jacob saw how his grandfather cared about each and every client – and especially when he would give them a break when the clients needed it. As Jacob developed this business, he focused on keeping the same understanding as what his grandfather did at the core of Whispering Dragons. We decide to focus on caring for the clients and helping where needed to ensure our business kept our ideals in mind.

Our Team

Daniel Oquendo

Daniel Oquendo

Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Oquendo has always had a passion for computers and testing their limits. While growing up in Florida, he would be ahead of the majority when it came to how a computer works and the proper usage. Since then, Daniel has expanded his knowledge by attending college in Arizona, where he learned from like-minded individuals that shared the passion in technology and gaming. After college, Daniel has worked with Jacob for some time in order to build a company that would be a part of the community and make a change. Creating the go-to company for people while maintaining the care and passion that the core of the business represents. He has worked on various bits of sound engineering, podcasting, online broadcasting, and continues to learn business sense. To Daniel, there is a constant flow of knowledge to be learned in this industry before being “done” with learning, and he will continue to seek it out while utilizing what he has learned already.

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