About Us

Why I started Whispering Dragons.

Whispering Dragons is my third business that I have started since I went into business. My first two were focused on video game development where we had a lot of fun and enjoyment working in that industry. Sadly it cost a fortune to keep a game studio running and moving forward. About midway through my second business I found a way to create a steady revenue stream for the game studio, though IT service providing for consumers and business to business. By doing so our first major client was over a very long weekend during the New Years where a company was shut down fully across the nation. Daniel and I along side with my business partner at the time spent 3 days working around the clock with little sleep helping that company get back up and running by the first of the year otherwise they would be out of business. After a few months pass we closed the doors to that business to create a IT focused business with just Daniel and I through the company called Whispering Dragons where we can provide that kind of service to all our clients moving forward.


How Whispering Dragons got its name

The part Dragon is about found memories. It is a way to remember during the worst of times to hold onto the happy moments, as those are the parts that will get you through those hard times. Whispering is a ploy on the owner as he is said to be soft spoken so it was a fun way to play off of that. As for the S it is the most important part of the name. It represents the true meaning behind the business. As Whispering Dragons is not single minded instead it is very community driven. The S represents the people we deal with rather it be the clients or the community itself to even just how driven it is about the staff and team within the business.

Why I created a business built off of support.

While I was growing up I use to help my grandfather when he was out working as an Electrician and Plumber. During the time I saw how he cared about each and every client and sometimes even gave them a break when the clients needed it. So as I developed this business I have been working on focusing on the same understanding as what my grandfather did. Focus on caring for the clients and helping where needed. As we move forward everything we focus on is making sure we can bring this to our forefront with each client.

About the Business

As with why the business started we focus on working directly with our clients to provide the top quality products for their IT infrastructure. From Telecommunications to making sure they have the best technology inside the business at all times.

Our Team

Jacob Lanthier

Jacob Lanthier

Managing Director & Founder of Whispering Dragons
What I bring to Whispering Dragons is the vision and the thought of creating a company that is home to many different people from around the world. I am currently focusing on developing the Information Technology services aspect of the company where we bring trustworthy IT services to the local business of Phoenix, Arizona. This is where I specialize in Hardware repair where I have over 10 years of experience. I also bring an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology where I took a focus on project management as I wanted to understand the ins and outs of running a project based business. I have plans to expand Whispering Dragons in the Entertainment sector and other aspect of technology fields over the next five years.

When I am not doing this I have a Great Dane that is a huge supporter of the company as she goes out exploring with me on the vast amount of hiking locations within Arizona. I also enjoy sports and kayaking and I am looking forward in getting back into Rock-climbing. I am also an avid video gamer, where I enjoying the being part of the ever growing video game community.

Daniel Oquendo

Daniel Oquendo

Chief Technology Officer
Daniel Oquendo has always had a passion on computers and wanting to push them further to their limit. While growing up in Florida, he would be usually ahead of others when it came down to how to use the computer and proper use. Since then, Daniel has expanded his knowledge by coming out to Arizona for college where he learned off of like-minded individuals with passion in technology and gaming.

Since college, Daniel has worked with Jacob for a while to build a company to be that “something” out there, the need, the go-to for people while maintaining the care and passion that the core of the business represents. He has worked on various bits of sound engineer, podcasting, online broadcasting, and continues to learn business sense. To him, there is still knowledge to be learned in this industry before being “done” with learning and he will continue seeking it while utilizing that knowledge.

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