Announcements on servicing

by | Jan 24, 2024 | 0 comments

Whispering Dragons, LLC loves to announce new and good things.  Unfortunately, we also hate announcing when we have to mention bad things.  We will get straight to the point.

After careful consideration, we decided we will not be servicing anything HP-related when active with our services.  If we absolutely have to, there will be an extra fee.

But an explanation is needed rather than just saying that before the pitchforks come.

HP has for years been wrapping the public’s finger as a great manufacture in general.  Eventually, they want to keep your business by finding ways to get you to pay and eventually, become their way or the highway.

The Printer line has been the biggest culprit of all their products over time as something that they have been very anti-consumer and some businesses don’t even know until its too late.  Many of the HP printers have required activation just to be deployed, and some want to go as far as only their ink/toner can be used and want you to subscribe to get them.  If we were a print equipment shop, it might make sense to also handle activation, tagging, deployment, and information, but we are not and being forced into a position that a business should have an assumed IT Staff no matter how small the business is a bit ridiculous.  Just as ridiculous as assuming an MSP will just take on that role.

We are no mind reader, but at the rate they are going, it would be no surprise if HP decides to make their printers all require a credit card to both be activated and automatically pull when your ink runs low.  As it is, there is an approved lawsuit about how HP printers will not function their all-in-one printers without ink/tonor EVEN IF you’re just using it to scan or fax.  Ink is empty, but need to scan something real quick.  Doesn’t use the ink, so its fine, right? Wrong.  It won’t work.  Buy your replacement ink now and THEN you can scan when you replace it.

Note: At time of writing this announcement, this was made before HP’s CEO Interview with CNBC on 01/18/2024 which you can freely watch. Link:

Often, we also will have calls to “fix” a printer and it may mean the software has to be reinstalled for no particular reason other than just needing a reinstall.  When those happens, you can either luck out and it gets installed in 5 minutes, or more often, it will install in 3 hours, forcing us to stay and not only waste time waiting, but also forcing companies to pay for us to basically wait.  For those wondering if the system was just old and outdated, it took 2.5 hours to reinstall on a weeks old Intel i7 11th generation.  That was 2.5 hours to consider docking on the customer for a wait game.

There has also been some pretty bad policy practices too.  For instance, you may get an HP monitor/screen simply for the size and not think too much about it.  Suddenly, your system installs an HP software that is unnecessary and, in some cases, insists you use it for other features at convenience.  Even if its your own system, it should NEVER auto install an app for a peripheral that is just plug & play.

And of course, this can extend into certain Desktop and Laptops.  While the devices are supposed to be the best at repairability, it comes at the cost of software frustrations.  There were a few major incidents in 2023 such as:

  • There was the firmware update that would brick HP printers and the only fix was to send it to HP, and you would be needing to pay the shipping.
  • A few small Windows Updates that nearly any other manufacture had no problems with, but HP devices in general had an issue which could cause delay in the update IF you can catch it.

It is more of a miracle that HP has been allowed to get away with this unscathed, but it seems to be running on just simple “accept it and move on.”  To us, that sort of thinking makes us think about how anyone’s home burning down with no place to go should be just “accept it and move on” which obviously, is not ok and should not be tolerated by anyone.

For those reasons, it makes sense that Whispering Dragons, LLC should no longer support as it conflicts with our ideals and values with our customers.  We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and thank you for your understanding.