Why Windows 11

So you’ve probably heard by now that “Windows 11 is coming October 5th” and at this point, it has launched.  Before I hear the groans of “another update that for the most part is going to mess up my system when I didn’t consent to it” moment, allow me to explain some things.

What is with this newsletter and what has been happening?

Well by now, you most likely heard, but if you haven’t, then I figure I might as well get this out of the way. For a long while you knew Whispering Dragons as a duo done by Jacob and Daniel, sometimes with Whisper, the dragon. Unfortunately, that is not the case any...

Printer Options Matter

Whispering Dragons sometimes can go through printer issues and it's often brought up, why do we choose to recommend specific printers over others? I’d be happy to explain. In our experience, nearly every printer can do the job asked for printing. Where it gets...

Laptop Understandings in 2021

Computers in general are still a complex beast as we add more capabilities of what they can do and less of what they can’t. However, when you don’t need all that “extra” today with zero plans of moving towards that extra in the future, then perhaps you need a quick...

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