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Nextiva Cloud Communications Packages


What we do.

Nextiva is a platform that brings communications together with business applications, intelligence, and automation.

We help businesses communicate and build deeper connections with customers.

Why we do it.

The world is changing rapidly, and businesses need to think about communications differently.

Customer expectations are rising. They want to communicate on their terms — whenever and however they prefer — and they expect companies to know and remember them.

But with multiple applications to communicate and customer information siloed in different places, most businesses cannot deliver the seamless experience that customers expect.

We connect more than 100,000 customers with over 1 billion conversations a year on the most reloiable network in the industry.

How to get it.

Choose from four packages, depending on the level of service you need.

1. Essential

Our modern communication tools include reliable and secure voice, collaboration, and fax. Mobility features help you and your team collaborate from anywhere. Get setup and running in seconds with easy-to-use configuration tools.

2. Professional

Stop juggling separate apps and collaborate with anyone, anywhere while managing team and customer conversations in one place. The Professional package has all the features you will find in Essential, plus use the easiest way to video conference, message with your team, and screen-share for any team size with video collaboration. Connect your favorite tools with Nextiva through our integrations.

3. Enterprise

This enterprise-grade communication suite is enhanced with advanced analytics and reporting. Collaborate more effectively with voice and video call recording. Craft the perfect sales pipeline by visually managing and tracking your entire sales process and customer.

conversations in one workspace. Provide simpler, faster, and more effective service with our service productivity tools. Integrate with the tools you love like Salesforce, O365, GSuite, and many others.

4. Ultimate

Get all the communication and collaboration features of the Enterprise package, plus a wealth of tools to help manage your customer conversations in one place.

Build stronger connections with your customers by automating personalized messages at the right time, and know which customers need quick attention with our Customer Experience Score. Get an idea of how you can serve your customers better with our survey tool.

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Key features

  Essential Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Conferencing (audio and video)  
SMS (text messaging)  
Team collaboration (video, messaging, and collaboration)  
Desk phone portability
Mobile and desktop app
Key features        
Call Pop  
Voicemail to email notification
Voicemail to SMS notification  
Standard integrations
Advanced integrations  
Enterprise integrations    
Voice Analytics    
Video and call recording    
Sales productivity tools    
Service productivity tools    
Single sign-on (SSO)    
Customer journey      
Customer Experience Score      
Customer sentiment      


Voice Manage all your calls with a seamless experience.
Video Connect face-to-face virtually, using HD video calls.
Conferencing (audio and video) Instantly connect and collaborate in meetings with up to 250 participants.
SMS (text messaging) Send and receive SMS messages with your business phone number.
Screen-sharing Share your screen with team members and customers.
Team collaboration Chat, share less, schedule meetings, create and assign tasks, and make audio or video calls, all in one, virtual space.
Fax Manage incoming and outgoing fax needs from any place, at any time.
Desk phone portability Use your one phone at work, home, or any location.
Desk phone portability Use your office phone at work, home, or any location.
Mobile and desktop app Use all your communication features, including voice and video calls, conferences, and chat, on any mobile device.
Call Pop Know who’s calling and important account information about them before you answer the phone.
Voicemail to email notification Get voicemails sent directly to your email inbox.
Voicemail to SMS notification Get an instant SMS text message notifying you that you’ve received a voicemail.
Standard integrations Integrate Nextiva with Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, and Lotus Notes.
Advanced integrations Integrate with popular CRM and customer-facing apps, including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Zendesk Enterprise, and Hubspot.
Enterprise integrations Integrate with popular customer engagement and internal workflow apps, including Salesforce Service Cloud and ServiceNow.
Voice Analytics Identify and analyze call trends using historical and real-time data.
Video and call recording Record audio, video, and screen-share sessions.
Sales productivity tools See your sales leads and opportunities in a single view, no matter the lead source.
Service productivity tools Manage your customer’s entire support experience and all communications in a single platform.
Single sign-on (SSO) Sign in once across Nextiva apps on different devices, with support for third-party identity providers such as Okta and Azure Active Directory.
Surveys Get real-time feedback from your customers.
Customer journey Quickly see how each customer feels about your company over time with their Customer Experience Score mapped in an easy-to-read graph.
Customer Experience Score Evaluate the impact of a single transaction on your overall relationship with each customer.
Customer sentiment NextOS reviews and scans interactions and calculates customer sentiment with built-in intelligence, so you have insight into how a customer is feeling about your company at any point in time.