How is Whispering Dragons?

by | Mar 17, 2023 | 0 comments

I’m sure everyone wants to know how Whispering Dragons is doing so far. We’re doing just fine and lets elaborate!

Whispering Dragons has had to up its game on a few things. Mainly what it is that we offer to keep the clients in-check within compliancy. Of course, that does mean that pricing WILL go up. That has been reflected in the pricing pages. We are continuing to evaluate what can be added as an option and what is also required, which in some cases also involves looking at what our government expects from companies (not always us, but of the companies that we serve) and how we can accommodate some of those companies.

Besides that, we introduced our newer dragon Electra last year to many people and she is loving the attention. In fact, despite Whisper being more known, he had been feeling a little left out because people paid attention to Electra more than Whisper. So now he is determined to standout a little more. We are still trying to figure out what it is he is trying to accomplish, but I’m sure that Whisper will show us.

And what about Daniel and the rest of the dragon family? Well the family for the most part is alright. Daniel does keep up with the lot of them. In fact, one of them has conveyed their joy for the company still doing well after a full year. Despite how hard it is, he continues to laugh and accomplishes goals so he is as okay as can be.

So why had the blogs stopped for so long? You will need to understand that it was very difficult to want to talk about all the exciting things in tech and be up-front about it, but also the time it takes to make the words make sense. We COULD be one of those tech companies that’s soul purpose is to talk with other tech people with roundtable-like discussions and what not. But since the goal is to have someone walk away with learning something after our posts, we try to make it as simple to understand. And simplifying is more work than just writing. You can only compare apples and oranges so much before you unintentionally make one think we talked about bananas all this time. But really, take a look at an example:

“Android devices can run on ARM CPUs or x64 CPUs, though few can run as a combination. That is way more advanced to describe the differences. One can say that Apple uses ARM chips as well, but it is their own in-house ones that isn’t the same as Android, nor is the ARM chips the same as some devices aside from mobile.”

Or trying to simplify the above…

“Android devices can run on hardware similar to some Laptops, usually on the lower end spectrum that you might be paying $600 or less dollars for, yet can run very fast for the size and design of the device. However, they won’t run the same way as your typical laptop. Apple uses something similar on their phones, but its easier to compare to their newer Macbooks than it would be to your regular Windows-based Laptops.”

See? One could be understood way more than the other. Now try to make several articles and realize not only did you make it too wordy, you also made it technical while trying to remove the technical and failed. This can lead to scrapping the articles altogether. We have considered videos, but timing is hard and being able to find time to also edit the videos on the current budget is just as difficult.

All of that stated, we don’t mind delving into topics when you are the ones that want to know more on something. So lets provide it. In the contact us page, we will also be looking for requests on what you all are looking for in these posts and we may end up covering it.

Lastly, for the kids, we will be opening up a contact page to talk with Electra and Whisper. Maybe the kids want to know more about the dragons themselves or something sensible? Maybe the dragons will find time to respond to them.

That is all for now, but look forward to some of the new content coming soon!