Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote Review

by | Jun 2, 2023 | 0 comments

The pleasure of working with a “Smart” presentation remote

We at Whispering Dragons love to educate about various technology.  It kind of came apparent that we need to present and perhaps some presentations might require more visual aid.  Naturally a presentation remote with a laser light would be needed.  But what about a “Smart” remote that does most of the same things?

Recently, Daniel was both sick and injured, but was well enough and not as injured when a presentation came up. However, it was the first presentation that he had to do sitting down. Before doing so, he tested the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote. It isn’t new by any stretch as its an item released in 2019, but it was the first time seeing one as any other Logitech device seen was bulkier or limited with things like only forward and back or has a built-in laser or a different color laser that somehow has longer distance.

Logitech Spotlight Presentation RemoteHere we have a thin device, costing double or more than the previous iterations, and has no laser.  It also has a rechargeable battery built-in, but that may be its only negative.  Negative being that if the battery ends up being way below charge hold time due to wear and tear, then you would need to buy another one.  But a rechargeable battery cannot be the only reason for increased pricing, is it?

That is because its mainly digital.  It connects to a device either by the included USB hidden in the remote, or by supported Bluetooth.  The front seems to be more of a Lens for the digital aspects as no matter the screen, it will use its digital enhancing features right on the projection.  Yes, digital enhancing features which includes a Zoom that also dims the surrounding presentation, an emphasis on screen, or an artificial laser on the system.  When talking “no matter the screen” we are referring to in the presentation sense, Daniel had his tablet remotely connected to his work laptop that was connected to a TV and was able to use the tablet to emphasize and laser point the same things that were on the TV.  This showed that the lens was identifying the area in the same way as a mouse pointer would and communicated that back to the device.  This made it FAR easier for the presentation, but we’re sure there is limits for the type of screens it needs to see.

The learning curve was simple.  One button that was giant to go forward, hold that button to start the presentation (if it’s in PowerPoint), a button to go back a slide, and the button to do any of the 3 enhancements.  The program that you install allows you to modify all those functions on the remote and includes a feedback vibration to your hand to tell you either how many minutes in your presentation you are, warning for time left for your presentation, or if it’s a specific time.

The remote overall would be handy for anyone in their business that may need to frequent presentations in person and show accordingly, but with the fact that everything is also projected on the screen, it makes it a good edge case if you are doing presentations online as the Audience will also see what you’re pointing to or emphasizing.  Although, for the typical listed price of $129.99, it would be hard to convince to those that do far fewer presentations whether this enhanced tool is useful over something at $50 or less with replaceable batteries and a laser pointer “just in case” it’s needed.