Stay Safe during the holidays

by | Nov 26, 2021 | 0 comments

The holidays always hit fast and then before you know it… its gone.  Did you know now is also the time where scammers and other cybercriminals like to prey on victims?

Sure, they go after just about everyone these days.  But perhaps there is something you can do about it to help keep you safe.  Today would be more like free tips for you while being a somewhat advertising thing of joining, but we believe in it.

Get Honey!

Honey is the best place first known online before even a major bank card offered getting deals with whatever you purchase.  Honestly, this service pays for itself.  You sign up, add the app to your browser (Compatible with every browser that we’ve come across… well except Internet Explorer, but you might need to talk with us on getting off that), and whenever you are shopping on lets say Amazon, not only will it tell you if the price on an item is a good deal or not, but if it also happens to have a coupon to use, you can use it!  Also, Amazon isn’t the only site it works on.  There are many sites that offer stores where it is useful for.  The best part is when you use it, you can get points to spend towards gift cards!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today here:

Potentially the best hidden gem of online payments for 2 reasons.  If you were ever scared about putting up your debit card online for whatever reason, this is possibly the solution you’ve been looking for.  The best part is it works for personal accounts AND business accounts.

The service allows credit card creations that are like pseudo-charge-up gift cards where you can put each card under its own site.  Example: Paying your Internet Bill online? Use one of these cards.  Paying your Amazon purchases can be routed to this as well.  And once its setup for a site, it locks the card for that purchase type.  You can even set limits whether it is per charge, monthly, annually, or even the lifetime of the card.  This is especially useful for being cautious on spending towards something that says will be X price and then Y price after 3 months ensuring that you only spend what you’re supposed to be spending on and not ruining your credit.  The fun thing is that since a lot of stores like to use your card information to keep track of you for marketing purposes, using these virtual cards lessens that information about you being spread the way it does.

The service itself is free, but if you want to take up its subscription, you can even get cash back.  Just imagine that over time as you convert, you could be spending about $1000 per month online, and you get enough money back to pay for some subscription service or discount to something else all while having less spam coming to you.

Join today and you will even get $5 towards anything to spend online with.  Sign up here:

Lastly, small tips:

  • Double check the e-mails you get. It may say its coming from Microsoft or Amazon, but once in a while, a bad actor will get into your inbox to tell you something like “your Microsoft account needs to be reset” and clicking it really gives you a fake page for putting in your credentials.
  • Watch out for impersonators. Some can try their best to be your friend Bob, same one that you help often, same name, even same writing style.  Make sure the e-mail is from them.
  • Try not to go to dubious websites. It should be a given, but sometimes you might be desperate to find that 1 thing when all other places are just out.
  • Be careful of mistyped websites. It happens.  But lets make sure you’re not typing something like youtube and you misplace that t with an r.  Some sites will get you that way.
  • Unless you know the tech, Microsoft, Google, nor Amazon will ask you to let them login to your PC. Microsoft might if you contacted them first, but they won’t contact you first to get access.


With all that said, lets have a happy and safe holidays!