The New Year

by | Jan 22, 2022 | 0 comments

Hello everyone and welcome to the new year! I’m sure the new year will treat everyone better.

Obviously with last year, we changed ownership of the company and despite the long transition, it was a relatively smooth operation. We also now have an additional mascot in the company. Say Hi to Electra!

Electra coming through the window

Electra coming through the window

Electra is our other dragon who is happy to join the ranks and hopes to be of use around these parts. As you may have seen in past articles, she has made a few appearances already. But no, she is not replacing Whisper. He too will be around and maybe will post as well from time to time.

Electra also hails from the Rocky Mountain as has Whisper and wanted to see for herself what life is like. So far, she seems to be enjoying herself.

Back to Whispering Dragons, we have expanded some offerings, part based on what clients need or have requested over the years. We have been expanding our knowledge into areas and finding what any client should have. We are the I.T. Advisors after all. You ask us, we should know well enough to respond and give you your needs at the same time. To further that, we are also looking into expanding into some tech research that could be beneficial both from a business standpoint and personal so that we can provide you with better recommendations as well. In some cases, we’d like to look at reviewing them so you can see from the tech dragon’s standpoint.

There are a few goals we’re looking to achieve and wanting to make it all happen. If we keep looking out towards the horizon, we should be able to accomplish a few if not all.