What is with this newsletter and what has been happening?

by | Sep 15, 2021 | 0 comments

Well by now, you most likely heard, but if you haven’t, then I figure I might as well get this out of the way. For a long while you knew Whispering Dragons as a duo done by Jacob and Daniel, sometimes with Whisper, the dragon. Unfortunately, that is not the case any longer.
Back in March, Jacob suffered a work-related injury with a powerful shock to himself. Unbeknown to many of us and possibly himself, he also had a heart disease. That evening, he passed away leaving much behind. It was a very crazy few weeks with mourning involved and of course a “whats next?”

Before we get to Daniel, let us just mention that for the most part, the family is decent all things considered and of course, they thank everyone for both the condolences and the great things talked about of Jacob.

Wow. What about Daniel?

Daniel is around so don’t fret. He has kept up with the business by himself for the most part until everything was finalized as to what was happening with the company. Whispering Dragons was in flux for a long while with complications that had happened, but thankfully after a long time, much of those complications came to an end. Daniel became the owner of Whispering Dragons with a promise to continue the vision that Jacob had, though there is much work to be done. He has been utilizing his connections however to reach out and slowly figure what needs to be done for the business in the most correct way and continues to work on it behind the scenes.

That is terrific! So Whispering Dragons isn’t going away anytime soon?

Not at all. Whispering Dragons will still continue to operate as it usually does, but it now has a focus on expanding the operations. How else will it continue to be the trusted company of many without the right team?